The International PMU Achievement Awards will be awarded at the Dutch PMU Congress 2023.

How can you win this award?

During the Dutch PMU Congress, masters from around the world come to the Netherlands and an EXPERT jury has been assembled.

They will look carefully at the work submitted and the development of the participants. From there, a selection will be made and a third, second and first winner will be announced in three parts.

The entire result of the specialist’s work will be examined based on an extensive portfolio of submitted explanations, film material and additional photographic material. These are all checked for authenticity by a control panel from the Netherlands.

Your complete portfolio must be recieved by September 1, 2023 and sent to

Portfolios after this deadline unfortunately cannot be graded.

What does the jury look at?

The PMU Achievement Awards look at the most important part of our work – healed work!

Points of interest for the judges are: shape within the face, symmetry, color healing, saturation, technique healing, shape, etc.

Judging is done on the final work submitted by the participant. The verification panel may contact models and conduct other verifications for authenticity of the submitted material, should there be any doubt.

Material must be submitted in high resolution.

Who may register?

It is open registration so everyone is welcome!

However, it is important that you can submit a minimum of five models that are fully healed. The models must also be disclosed at the time of registration because it is possible that the control panel may contact them for verification of authenticity.

It is also important that you can send in clear and bright films of your work.

Why might registration be of interest to you?

Many clients will appreciate that you appear to be among the best in your field, by being able to share that after a rigorous selection you may place yourself in the TOP3 of the Netherlands and Belgium. The jury is international and the judging has been on healed techniques, which really sets you apart from others.

The process of participation will expand your reach and elongate your professionalism, in addition it can be a lot of fun to go through this personal growth. Winning these prestigious awards provides recognition and appreciation. International exposure and promotion.

What is the cost of registration?

Entry fees are 195,00 per section. In addition to registration for the International PMU Achievement Awards, this registration also entitles you to attend the second day of the Dutch PMU Congress.

After the second day of the conference, the winners will be announced by the international jury during a spectacular evening party, which you must attend to win.

What can I win?

You will win a magnificent International PMU Achievement Award and international certificate, in addition to a podium spot at the Dutch PMU Congress.

The Dutch PMU Congress is attended by more than 175 international visitors.